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For those of you who know me this will mostly be old news to you but hey, I’ve gotta start somewhere. This year we welcomed a sweet little blessing into our family of 6. On July 18th Cullen Lukas Ball made his debut into the world at 36 weeks old, 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Happy day of your birth Cullen Lukas!

Happy day of your birth Cullen Lukas!

I knew I wanted to create a really awesome birth announcement to send out once he arrived (even though I never did this with my other two kiddos) As many of you know I enjoy photography and try to dabble in it a little bit when I have time. Even more than I enjoy the photography, I enjoy editing. Thanks to my awesome MIL, Tamie, I’ve become obsessed with creating digital invitations and announcements using paper drops. I’d never heard of this until she introduced me. Purchasing digital papers and creating templates is like crack to me, I just can’t stop doing it. Luckily she introduced me to Sassy Designs during one of their huge sales where all of their digital paper packs were like $0.25. Needless to say I downloaded a gazillion of them. They have tons of color schemes to choose from and there is even a FREEBIES section…hello free stuff! In addition to butt loads of papers they also have card templates. I got a couple of those as well to use with my newly acquired crack paper drops. So after Cullen was born and we (Siobhan & I) managed to take some newborn pictures, and by newborn I mean 3 week old lol, I was able to use my new templates to make a pretty awesome birth announcement (If I do say so myself)

Cullen's birth announcement - took almost 2 months to get them sent out!

Cullen’s birth announcement – took almost 2 months to get them sent out!

At least I can say that my $6.00 in $0.25 downloads was put to good use! For those of you who are into making your own holiday cards or birthday invitations and announcements you should definitely check out Sassy Designs for templates and papers. In fact, I actually used some of my paper drops to create the header image, profile picture, and background for this blog! If you do end up trying the paper drops and templates be sure to share them with us! I’d love to see how other people are using them!

He's so perfect