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Have you ever tried to stir frying hamburger meat in a smooth bottom skillet on a flat top stove with just one arm? Have you ever tried to type with one hand on a laptop or cell phone? Have you ever tried to write on a piece of paper with just one hand, no second hand to hold the page still? Now, have you ever tried to do any of these things while also holding a floppy, wiggly, 14 lb, drooling, fussy baby? If you are shaking your head yes, I feel bad for you. No really, I feel bad because I know exactly how it feels – awkward, difficult, and painful!

For the past few days this is what I’ve been dealing with. We think Cullen may be teething which would account for the fussiness and drooling. Some of you know that I work from home, 100% of my job is on the computer…a task that requires two hands to really be efficient. It is kinda difficult to get any work done when Cullen won’t let me put him down. I don’t mean that he clings to me when I try to lay him down I just mean that the minute his butt hits any surface that isn’t permanently attached to my body he starts crying and snorting and doesn’t stop until I pick him up and sometimes even when I pick him up it doesn’t quiet him. Luckily for me I have an awesome friend (Charity) who gave me her ring sling. Have you seen these things? I had never heard of them until recently and when she told me I could have hers I was eager to try it out and see if it was really all that great.

The answer is yes! I absolutely love this thing. I was a little skeptical at first, afraid I wouldn’t get the baby in right and he’d fall out or that getting him in it would be too difficult to be worth it. To be completely honest it did take me a couple tries to get it right. I had to watch a few tutorials to figure it out. The ones by Snuggy Baby  were the most helpful for me. Now that I’ve used it several times its pretty easy to take him in and out and it is most definitely easier than trying to stir frying hamburger meat in a smooth bottom skillet on a flat top stove with just one arm. By the way, when you do that, the skillet does little pirouettes across the stove…intriguing to watch really. Anyway I’m very thankful that Charity gave me the ring sling, I use it a lot and its definitely saving my arm…otherwise I’d have one giant bicep on one side and a giant flabby one on the other side.

And if you’re wondering if I typed this post while wearing Cullen in the ring sling, the answer is yes – of course. Allowing me to do anything without holding him would just be too much for him to manage. Please share your thoughts about the ring sling in the comments!