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I'll get you my pretty

I’ll get you my pretty

As I mentioned in this post from the other day, I love Halloween. This year I have especially enjoyed searching for holiday decorating ideas on Pinterest. If you’re like me, you pin 8 million really great craft ideas with the intention of working on them but instead you maybe complete 3 of those ideas in an entire year.

This Halloween though, I’ve managed to check off some of these items from my to do list and in this particular instance off my friend Charity’s to do list as well. I enjoy crafting and making things regardless if it is something for myself or for someone else so when Charity sent me a picture of some things she picked up at the store and asked me to help her assemble them into a witch wreath, of course I said I would help. She showed me some of the ideas she had seen online and once we had all the supplies we needed to create her version of a witch wreath we got to work.

Materials we used:

 oval shaped twig wreath (Hobby Lobby)

1 large piece of black felt (Hobby Lobby)

1 can of matte finish black spray paint (Wal-Mart)

1 pair of green/black striped knee high socks (Wal-Mart)

Witch hat/headband (Target $1 spot)

Beware sign (Target $1 spot)

2 pkgs of critters (Dollar Tree)

Witch shoe pattern printed on plain paper (Funky Letter Boutique)

1 orange and 1 black pipe cleaner (already had)

silver Sharpie (already had)

Fishing line (already had)

scissors, glue gun, glue sticks, newspaper

1. The first thing we did was lay out some newspaper outside in the garage (with the door open for ventilation) and then spray painted the twig wreath black. After the top side was dry we flipped it and spray painted the back side as well.

spray painted wreath

spray painted wreath

2. While we waited on the wreath to dry, we disassembled the witch hat headband. We cut out the little pieces inside the hat and slid out the actual headband part leaving the hat and hair in tact. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this step lol

3. After that we printed the witch shoe pattern, cut it out, and traced it onto the black felt using the silver sharpie. Be sure to flip the pattern so that you get both a left and right shoe. The one pictured below is the right shoe.


4. After we traced both the left and right shoes we cut them out. We cut on the inside edge of the silver line so that none of the silver would show but you could actually just flip the shoes over and use the other side if your lines were still visible. Charity originally wanted these to be glittery so we tried spraying them with hair glitter but it didn’t really turn out the way we hoped so I’d recommend just purchasing felt that has glitter on it already. We didn’t take a picture of the pipe cleaner step either – sorry we’re new to this lol. We used one orange pipe cleaner, cut it in half, made two rectangle buckles and glued the ends together to secure it and then hot glued the buckles onto the felt shoes.


5. Next we measured how long Charity wanted her witch’s legs to be. We decided to cut off some of the knee highs to get the right length. We ended up cutting off about 6 stripes from the bottom


6. After we had the stockings cut to the right length, we hot glued the shoes to the end of the stockings.


7. At this point the wreath was dry so we brought it in and attached the beware sign. We cut two pieces of fishing line and attached it with a slip knot method to the two ends. Once we had the two pieces of fishing line attached we positioned the sign where we wanted it and then fed the line through the twigs and tied the ends together in a double knot like you do shoe strings. To make sure the knots didn’t come undone, we put hot glue over the knot and pressed it into the twigs.



8. Next we glued the witch hat to the top and the stockings to the bottom.


9. Then we positioned the critters where Charity wanted them and then glued them onto the wreath. After everything was glued on and the glue was dry we took the black pipe cleaner and made it into a circle through one of the twigs in the back on the top of the wreath to use as a hanger since the wreath isn’t that heavy and there you have it!

Finished product!

Finished product!


I think it turned out pretty well considering we were just kinda winging it as we went. If you enjoyed this post please like and share it!