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Hooray for post number 4!

Day 10 – Halloween Monster:



Frankenstein has always been my favorite monster. I think it’s because I’m fascinated by the giant bolts in his neck…

Day 11 – Skeleton:



This is probably what Cullen will end up wearing on Halloween. I hate that he doesn’t have some super fantastic costume but then again he can barely hold his own head up and he can’t sit up in a stroller yet so the costume choices are pretty limited. In any event, he will be the cutest skeleton to ever go trick or treating.

Day 12 – Black Cat:



So there is this creepy black and brown cat in our neighborhood and I really wanted a picture of it for this post but of course I couldn’t get one. In fact I haven’t seen the cat in a few days and I suspect the reason is that he or she is plotting some evil plan for Halloween night. Seriously this cat freaks me out, it just stares at you when you walk by and it has evil gold eyes that pierce your soul…freaky.

And there you have it folks! Photo challenge, four days in a row! Come back tomorrow for days 13-15