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Photo challenge post number 5, days 13-15…

Day 13 – Halloween Candy:

Autumn Mix

Autumn Mix

CANDY CORN!!! It is my favorite candy and of course you can only get it around this time of year. I guess that is actually a good thing, otherwise I would eat it year round and be as big as a house for doing so. This year, while grocery shopping, I saw a bag of Autumn Mix and had to grab it. The only thing I love more than candy corn is Indian candy corn! This bag had the best of both worlds AND it had the candy pumpkins. I was quite disappointed though when I took a big bite of one and discovered that I didn’t really care for it lol


nom nom nom

nom nom nom

Day 14 – Scary Song:

This isn’t exactly a Halloween song or anything but there is just something about Alanis Morissette’s song Uninvited that really creeps me out. The sound of the piano in the beginning is so sinister to me. I really think this comes down to a nightmare that I had when I was younger. I was in this room with an indoor pool and someone planted a bomb and was trying to kill me…this song was playing throughout the entire dream on repeat. Weird right? Anyway, to this day I am creeped out by this song.

Day 15 – Graveyard:


nope, no dead people here

I realize this isn’t an actual graveyard. It is however in my front yard and convenient to photograph whereas an actual cemetery is not. And if there was a cemetery in my front yard, I don’t think I could sleep at night.

And there you have it folks! 5 days of Photo Challenge posts in a row – shocking! Stay tuned for days 16-18 tomorrow.