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Photo challenge post number 7, days 19-21…

Day 19 – Vampire Teeth:

retractable fangs, yes please!

retractable fangs, yes please!

Found these beauties online. If anyone tries them out let me know how they work out for you. I’ve worn the kind that you adhere to your teeth with putty, those are kinda difficult to work with.

Day 20 – Halloween Memory:

One year I dressed as a mime for Halloween. I wore one of my aunt’s old dance recital costumes and painted half of my face black and the other half white. I went to a festival and participated in a costume contest. I think I was maybe 10 years old, not sure but I remember a high school aged boy asking, “Who are you supposed to be, Michael Jackson?” true story.

Day 21 – Scariest TV Show:

Scared the pants off of me as a kid!

Scared the pants off of me as a kid!

Hands down the scariest show ever. I was traumatized by this show as a kid. I couldn’t even walk past the television if this was on.!

There you have it folks! I made it an entire week without missing a photo challenge post, I’m shocked myself. Come back tomorrow for days 22-24.