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Photo challenge post number 8, days 22-24…

Day 22 – Werewolf



This is one terrifying werewolf (Teen Wolf). I’d really hate to come face to face with this in the dark. I’d hate to come face to face with it in the light too for that matter.

Day 23 – Scariest Clown

I refuse to post a picture here on pure principle. I absolutely hate clowns. They don’t even have to be scary or evil looking for me to hate them. Any clown any where = scary.

Day 24 – Haunted House

Winchester Mansion

Winchester Mansion

I don’t know if Winchester Mansion is really haunted. I don’t know if any house anywhere is really haunted to be quite honest. Either way, haunted or not, I think the story behind this house is really interesting.

There you have it folks, day 8 photo challenge. Come back tomorrow for days 25-27.