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Photo challenge post number 9, days 25-27…

Day 25 – Pet Costume:

I don’t have pets, I have kids. Those are different things right? If I did have a pet and it happened to be a pug, I’d dress it like this:


Day 26 – Halloween Makeup:

halloween makeup


Obviously you’d need mad skills that I simply do not possess to create something like this but either way its freakin awesome.

Day 27 – Scary wooded area:

I happen to think all wooded areas are scary especially if there is fog involved. The Walking Dead has kinda ruined me on the woods. I can’t even walk in my front yard at night without thinking a zombie is going to appear out behind a tree and try to eat me. I think what I’ve learned about myself during this Halloween photo challenge is that I am a giant scaredy cat.

There you have it folks, photo challenge day 25-27. Come back tomorrow for day 28-30. Only 2 post left!