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Are you sick of Halloween yet? I promise this will be the last post about Halloween but I had to share this photo collage I made with you!

Remember when I posted the birth announcements I made for Cullen? I told you about Sassy Designs and the zillions of digital paper files they have. Well, another really awesome site that my wonderful mother-in-law introduced to me too called Squijoo, has tons of templates you can download. You join the site for $10 a month and you have access to all of the templates they have on their website. They also have a FREE section, you sign up with your email and you get free downloads each month. They’ve got everything from cards, announcements, marketing materials, Facebook timeline covers, etc.

When she shared this site with me, I spent hours downloading templates and today I finally got to use one! I used their Candy Boo card template to create a card with the kids’ pictures from last night’s trick or treating. The problem is that this card was made to feature three images on one side and only one image on the other side. We have 5 kids and when we took pictures we took individuals and then a group shot. I didn’t have the right arrangement of images to make this card work for me so I adapted it. I edited the side with 3 images to include all four of the older kids and used a picture of Cullen on the back. Then I put them together on an 8×10 blank canvas in Photoshop. I think it turned out great! I doubt we’ll actually print any. I just wanted something fun to post as the album cover on my Facebook. Plus I had to at least use one of the 827 templates I’ve downloaded or else it would be waste right?

halloween card2

I could have used some of the digital paper drops I have and changed up the color scheme and design on this but I decided to just go with what they had created. If you’re interested in making cards like this to use digitally or to print you should definitely check out the website to see what they have to offer.

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