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Remember that one time I mentioned how I had joined 827 Facebook yard sale group pages? Well it turns out that those online yard sale pages are good for more than just buying someone else’s old junk. In my case, you can find new friends! That’s how I met this week’s Feature Friday small business owner, Gracie.

Gracie Bolish, Partylite Consultant

Gracie Bolish, Partylite Consultant

Gracie Bolish is an independent consultant for Partylite Candles and Accessories. Gracie was introduced to Partylite 6 years ago when she was volunteering at her children’s elementary school in San Antonio, TX. Another mom was hosting a party in the break room and after hearing all of the laughter and enjoying the wonderful aroma, she knew she had to be a part of it! For the past 5 years she has been doing just that.

As the name suggests, Partylite Candles and Accessories offers candles and fragrance warmers and accessories. The difference in their candles versus other types of candles is that their wax liquefies which makes their fragrance more noticeable and longer lasting. Partylite also claims to have the world’s brightest candle, the Glolite Candle!

Partylite is more than just another candle company though, they’re making a difference! Since 1997 this company, paired with it’s consultants and customers, has helped raise 10 million dollars for the American Cancer Society. Gracie says this makes her “proud to be part of the Partylite family.”

Interested in learning more about this company and it’s products? Visit Gracie’s website!

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