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Day 10:

momToday I am thankful for my wonderful mother who is celebrating her birthday today. Don’t worry Mom, I won’t disclose your age like I did Memaw’s! As a child, I never realized how hard it was being Mom. I didn’t know what it really meant until I became a mother myself. As kids we take for granted the sacrifices our parents make for us, or really we just don’t understand what exactly they do for us. Sure we know they feed us and make sure we’ve got clean underwear but we never really understand the full picture, what it takes to raise children, until we are doing that very thing. I am immensely grateful for the things my mom did for me growing up and I wish I could have shown that more when I was younger but like I said, I never fully understood it until I was a mother myself. So in case I haven’t said it recently or just in case you need to hear it, thank you Mom, for everything you’ve done and will do for me. I love you!! Happy birthday, I wish we could be there with you to celebrate today but know we are thinking of you!


A more recent photo, taken April 2013.

At my uncle’s wedding, April 2013.

We're a silly pair. Throwback to Christmas 2010

We’re a silly pair. Throwback to Christmas 2010