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Cheetah ToesI don’t always paint my toe nails but when I do, I choose the most difficult pattern possible.

I was inspired to attempt to do a cheetah print on my toes a few weeks ago and finally got around to trying it. I have this really great pair of shoes that are black, red, and cheetah and they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes. The day I wore these I thought it would be really awesome to paint my toes to match but I didn’t have any black polish so this week I finally made a trip to the store to pick some up.

First, I painted all of my toes red.


After the red polish dried, I added two gold spots to each of my big toes.



After the gold was dry, I then added the black polish. I just added the black around the outer edges of the gold. There wasn’t really any method to it, I ended up adding and taking away here or there until I got it to look like I wanted. As usual I felt like one toe looked better than the other but I refused to completely remove the polish to start completely over.



But anyway there they are, my cheetah print toes.