Day 12:

thankful10Today I am thankful for my 5 blessings given to me in miniature human form. I’m painfully aware that many people I know are not able to have children or their child has passed away. I’m not sure which is worse, never being able to have a child or having one just to have it taken away. It is awful to think about and it makes my heart hurt to know that people experience this pain daily.

Knowing this is what makes me even more thankful that I’ve been given not 1 but 5 children to love and nourish. Each of our children is unique and special and their differences are what make our household interesting. I will admit that there are days when the multiple differences in opinion and personalities make me crazy but I know without them, I’d be lost. Raising these kids, loving them, teaching them, it is my purpose in life. It is what I was put here to do and I’m thankful someone trusted me with the job. I vow to try harder, set a better example for them. I want to be a person they can be proud of and the person they want to imitate. I feel the pressure of 10 little eyes watching me and 10 little ears listening to everything I say. Kids are sponges, absorbing everything around them. What are they absorbing from me? Today I am thankful not only to have these precious little people in my life but to also be given another day with them.


Me and 4 of the 5 kiddos…Cullen just can’t quite stand or sit on his own just yet!