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As I mentioned earlier today, I recently joined HubPages and have begun posting articles there. I put some feelers out in Facebookland and asked my friends for some topics of interest. One request I had was for baby food, specifically how to make your own. Cullen is now 4 months old and has started eating cereal and we’ve introduced some other solids, mainly bananas which he loved.

After researching how to make your own baby food for the hub I was planning to write, I started considering whether or not I’d want to make Cullen’s baby food instead of buying ready made food. Honestly, I always thought myself too lazy to be bothered with it. That sounds horrible right? As horrible as it sounds, it’s true. If something takes a moderate amount of effort, or more effort than I care to devote at any given moment, then chances are I’ll abort the task or never even start it. I hate to sound like the kind of person who opts for convenience over the health of one’s baby but if the shoe fits…

I know that I should be more concerned about my health and the foods that go into my body. Furthermore I should be concerned about the foods I serve my kids. The harsh reality is that we eat horribly. We eat junk. Our dinners are filled more with pasta and starch than they are fresh leafy vegetables. When we do serve vegetables, they’re swimming in butter. We desperately need to overhaul our eating and cooking habits.

Anyway, after completing my research for the article, I found that making your own baby food really isn’t all that difficult. No more difficult than preparing and cooking a meal for the rest of the family. I’m not saying that I’m going to jump on the diy baby food band wagon and run out to purchase a baby bullet any time soon but I might just attempt making some pureed something or other for him once he starts eating more food just to test the waters.

For any of you who may be interested in reading more about making your own baby food, be sure to check out the hub I wrote. Any baby food chefs out there? Please share your baby culinary experience with us!