Day 14:

thankful12Today I am thankful that no matter how tough things get, they always work themselves out in the end. I’m a constant worrier. I honestly put forth a lot of effort to just let things go, just accept them as they are and take things in stride but I can’t help it. I just worry worry worry worry.

I’m in a bad place today, consumed with worry. I know nothing good will come of me over thinking and stressing out over how things are going to work out. I need to just let it go and remember that it always works itself out in the end. Whatever is meant to be will be and that’s just how it is. No amount of worrying and stressing will change the end result. I need to be grateful that even when life has thrown us some major curve balls, we’ve always managed to come out on top somehow. We may not be exactly where we want to be but I’ve accepted that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, for whatever reason, in this moment. There is a reason and a lesson and we may not see it or understand it right now but at some point this rough patch we’re experiencing will service us in the future.