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I really hope you guys are enjoying the Feature Friday posts because I enjoy writing them. I am constantly blown away by the number of small business owners and consultants out there. So many of these companies I have never even heard of so it makes me happy to know that I may be introducing you guys to a company that is new to you.

I’ve known this week’s featured small business owner, Andrea Ivins, since 1998! We attended middle school and high school together and I’m excited to share her new business venture with you!

Andrea Ivins, consultant for Juice Plus.

Andrea Ivins, consultant for Juice Plus.

Andrea became a Juice Plus consultant a little over a month ago after she and her family tested the products for themselves. At the time, her family was juicing with a machine but found that it was becoming impossible to continue doing so. Juicing is messy and expensive, they needed a better solution to get all the nutrients that their body needed but without the hassle of a bulky juicer. They tried Juice Plus and it has changed their lives. Now she and her husband are getting the fruits, vegetables, and grains they need in their diet but Andrea says, “The best benefit has been getting our 7 year old daughter started on the gummy version of Juice Plus+. She is craving more fruits and veggies and making better food choices.”

Juice Plus is whole food based nutrition. It helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. It isn’t multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease. Juice Plus is the most researched brand-name nutritional product in the world and research shows that Juice Plus helps support heart health, healthier immune system, and more. The most popular product, Juice Plus Orchard & Garden Blend capsule, provides added nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains making it easy and convenient to get the nutrition you need. These ingredients are all natural and carefully monitored to be guaranteed fresh and contaminant free.

In addition to representing Juice Plus, Andrea is also a Zumba instructor at Anytime Fitness in Palestine, Texas. She has dedicated her life to health and wellness so making the decision to use Juice Plus products was an easy one. Not only is she able to ensure that her family is receiving proper nutrients but she’s getting paid to live a healthy lifestyle. We all want to be healthy and eat right but sometimes we fall short of a balanced diet. If you’re looking for ways to live healthier, check out Andrea’s website or follow her Facebook page.

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