Day 19:

thankful19Today I am thankful that someone other than me is reading this blog. I started Not Your Average Crafty Mom on October 16 and last night I broke my record for the number of views in one day. Until yesterday I had topped out at 77 views but when I looked at the stats this morning I had 119 total views yesterday from 81 unique viewers.

This may not seem like much of an accomplishment to some people but to me it is. I was ecstatic! When I first started this blog I really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if anyone would actually read what I wrote. I wasn’t sure if anything I had to say would be important, interesting, or amusing to anyone other than myself. I am so thankful for each and every person who has taken the time to read my posts, follow the blog, leave a comment, and like my Facebook page. Knowing that there are people out there enjoying this keeps me motivated to keep blogging. I started doing it for myself and I will continue doing it for myself but I’ll also do it for you guys! So go ahead and pat yourselves on the back for being awesome.

You're Awesome