In the past few days this blog has grown tremendously. I started thinking about how many of my favorite blog posts were collecting cobwebs and how the majority of the  newcomers here are missing out on some awesome posts. That being said, I decided to put together a collection of my favorite posts, organized by category because I am a freak, for your reading pleasure. You’re welcome.

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Things I learned from Memaw – an ode to my awesome grandmother on her 73rd birthday.

The Perils of the Portable Toilet – because my children are growing up to be germaphobic toilet snobs and I’m ok with it.

Baby Strait Jacket – Cullen is officially stronger than I am and has invisible limbs that appear when he is sleepy.



Coffee Table Ottoman – gotta love dual purpose furniture!

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath – because there is a holiday between October and December!

Mario & Luigi Costumes – my daughters are non conformists.

This is Halloween – because in another life I was a witch with a scary wart on my nose.

November Month of Thanks Day 15 – hooray for new barstools!

Cheetah Nails – rawrr baby!



November: Month of Thanks Day 13 – my favorite fellow weirdos

Family Tradition – my family is awesome