I am very excited about this week’s Feature Friday post because it is our first crafting business! I met this awesome lady about 10 years ago in San Antonio when we were both enrolled in a biology course at UTSA. We hit it off right away and I am thrilled to be able to feature her business on the blog this week!

Lauren Stringer, Owner of Twist & Twirl

Lauren Stringer, Owner of Twist and Twirl

Lauren Stringer is the proud owner of Twist and Twirl which opened in 2011. Though Lauren says she’s “been crafting since could pick up a pencil and some glue”, it was her “I can do that” mentality that motivated her to open her own business. She began by creating a few items for herself but then started receiving orders and special requests. After stumbling upon Etsy she realized it was the perfect place to share her handmade items so she opened an online shop.

Lauren uses various fabrics such as silk, cotton, satin, and lace to hand make beautiful twisted flowers which she fashions into necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair pins, headbands, and more. The Twist and Twirl shop features many unique items but Lauren says that her twisted flower and yo yo necklaces are her most popular.

Lauren takes pride in her work. Rest assured that if you purchase an item from her, you’re receiving high quality craftsmanship. If she isn’t satisfied with a piece she is working on, she’ll scrap it and start over to ensure that anything she’s listing in her shop is top notch. If she wouldn’t wear it herself or put it on her own child, then she won’t sell it.

An obvious perk to owning your own business is being your own boss but Lauren says she enjoys making people happy and she “gets warm and fuzzy inside” when someone falls in love with one of her creations. Not only is Lauren incredibly creative, she’s also loyal to other small businesses! She purchases many of the findings and components to her pieces from other Etsy sellers. If you’re looking for a unique, handmade gift or even something for yourself, support small businesses first and check out Twist and Twirl on Etsy or Facebook – not only are her items beautiful they are affordable!

product image

Yo Yo Bib style necklace

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Twirled rosette style necklace

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