thankful22Day 23:

I missed yesterday’s post. The up side to not posting right away is that sometimes interesting things happen during the day that make for interesting posts. Saturday I was thankful that I checked my email and found some exciting news. A while back I posted that I was starting to write articles on Hubpages. I’m a newbie and have only published 5 articles but some of them have been getting a decent amount of traffic. Enough traffic and comments to nominate me for Hubpages’ Rising Star Program! My Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath Tutorial is up against 5 other Hubs for this honor and if I win, I’ll be featured in the Hubpages Newsletter. The winner of the Rising Star Program is chosen solely on votes and the voting ends this coming Wednesday. If you’d like to vote for me click here and then click on my Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath Tutorial, then click vote for this hub!

Day 24:

Today I am thankful for my health. There are so many people who struggle with chronic illness or who have cancer or some kind of terminal illness. I think those of us who don’t suffer from a disease take for granted that we’re healthy. We take for granted that we have the freedom to do routine activities that some people physically can’t do. Life is short and for some it is much shorter than others. Speaking of life being short and dying…did you know that on this day in 1991, Freddy Mercury, of Queen, died from AIDS?