As parents, there are moments when our children make us feel so proud. We feel in awe of them, of their abilities, their sense of humor, or their intelligence. Then there are those moments in which they embarrass us and make us want to hide out until the apocalypse. That moment when they speak their mind or quote you word for word including the naughty four letter word they weren’t supposed to hear much less repeat. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to have those moments forever immortalized on paper for the world to see…

One of my favorite  things about going through the kids’ backpacks after school is finding their little treasures. There are always really interesting projects they’ve made in art class using strips of paper or random cut out shapes. Recently they came home with some really interesting water color paintings full of vibrant colors and shapes, they were awesome. I especially love when they are asked to illustrate stories.

For instance, last week, Madison came home with a book she made that was all about her. There were prompts inside and she had to complete the sentence and draw a picture that fit the prompt. I’m not sure how long ago she made this adorable little gem but unfortunately it didn’t quite survive the trip home in the backpack. In fact, her construction paper likeness lost a limb and apparently was very disgruntled by the fact that she was so carelessly shoved into a backpack and forced to travel in such horrible conditions. How do I know this? See for yourself…

madisons art

I assure you that this is exactly how the project looked when I removed it from the backpack…

That’s right folks. Madison’s art project was flippin the bird when I pulled her out of the backpack. Now, I’m not 100% sure that this gesture was directed toward me. If I had to guess I’d say Madison’s paper self was really more upset with Madison for dismembering her but either way, I found it a little amusing that the artwork sort of mimicked Madison’s “I don’t give a…” attitude. If ever a piece of art has accurately displayed the artist’s outlook and disposition, it’s this little paper Madison.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I pulled this project out and put it on the table. Kind of like that time Micah was asked to illustrate three rules; one for the class, one for the hallway, and one for the restroom. The first two rules were pretty straight forward, keep your hands to yourself in the classroom and walk in a straight line in the hallway. Each of these were illustrated with little stick figures. And then I turned the page to read the 3rd rule, the rule for the restroom…

The sentence reads, "Do not pee on nobody"

The sentence reads, “Do not pee on nobody”

When I saw this page, the first thing I noticed was the improper grammar he used, what does that say about me? It was a few seconds later that the drawing itself caught my attention. In case you weren’t sure about bathroom etiquette, it is not appropriate to pee on someone as illustrated by Micah, complete with stick figure penis and a stream of urine. It is however appropriate to illustrate this for your first grade class. Thankfully his teacher found humor in it and he didn’t get in trouble for drawing semi-anatomically correct people giving each other golden showers.

So we’ve got one paper doll with a bad attitude and a stick figure penis….this is fine art folks, worthy of hanging in the Louvre. I couldn’t be  more proud!