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christmas wreath logo

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed I like wreaths. In fact, I’ve had three different wreaths on my front door in the three months that I’ve been blogging. What can I say? Our front door likes to accessorize. Technically the wreath I made for Christmas/New Year is really more of a wreath alternative created from an old picture frame and ornaments. As I’ve been blogging these craft projects, I’ve learned that I can be pretty resourceful. I never really thought of myself as having that ability, being able to create things with left over scraps but I’m realizing that I actually do that quite frequently.

This project is no different. I made this door hanger last year and I really like it, enough that I didn’t feel compelled to make a new one. Basically it started like any other project, I wanted to make something and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I think the only thing I actually bought for this project was the glitter snowflakes. I got those on sale at Walgreen’s. They happened to be the same colors as the extra ornaments we weren’t using for the tree. I hot glued my snowflakes around the picture frame, alternating the silver and blue. Then I tied silver ribbon to the three ornaments and two jingle bells. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted them to be so I just played with the length until I was happy with it. Once I decided how long they should be I cut the ribbon and hot glued it to the back side of the picture frame. To add extra security, I glued a wide piece of ribbon flat across the individual pieces on the back side. That’s it!

This was seriously one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, it took no time at all and I am really pleased with the way it looks. It is a great alternative to a traditional pine or twig wreath.