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DIY Pin the Nose on RudolphLooking for a fun game for a class party? Look no further than this DIY Pin the Nose on Rudolph game. I can’t take the credit for this one, it was my friend Charity who made her game board first for her son’s kindergarten glass. However, when Madison’s room mother said she needed help finding a game for the class party, I volunteered to do this one since I knew I could get Charity to help me (and by “I volunteered” I mean that Siobhan volunteered me). This was a thrown together, last minute, rush idea and it really took me less than half an hour to get it finished. Good thing since the party is in 2 days!

You guys know I’m always looking for ways to avoid going to the store to buy supplies for my projects and this one was no different. We’re on a strict budget so I knew I’d have to make whatever I had on hand work. I did have to purchase the poster board. I only got a red one because that was the only color they had besides neon colors. I originally planned to buy a white one but I’m happy with the red one looks. I also purchased one sheet of brown foam and the large wiggly eyes. Grand total for this project was a whopping $2.18. All other supplies came from my craft closet!

Charity helped me out by printing the template for me since our printer has officially died. I cut out the Rudolph face and small antlers. I then traced them onto the brown foam. Once I had traced the face, ears, and antlers, I cut them out and hot glued them to my red poster board. I then glued on the wiggly eyes. I used one eye to trace the nose circle and then I colored it black with a sharpie. After my Rudolph was finished, I pulled out my foam letter stickers. I managed to have enough to create the “Pin the Nose on Rudolph” title at the top. I peeled the sticker back off and used some hot glue on each letter to make sure the letters stayed in place. Once that was finished, all I had left was to cut out the nose circles! I used my 1 inch circle punch to cut out each numbered circle. I placed each circle on a self-laminating sheet and then I trimmed it close to the edge but not too close so that it would stay stuck together. That’s all there is to it!

Laminated circle nose pieces

Laminated circle nose pieces

There are plenty of variations to this. If you’re super artistic, you could free hand your Rudolph and use paint or markers to color it in. You could do the same with the lettering or you could use a stencil. I always look for the easiest route and since my artistic abilities leave a little to be desired, using a template is always my best option!

close up