I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a while. I’ve done a lot of reading about successful blogging and one of the things they tell you to do is blog daily and for a while I was pretty good at doing that. I’m going to blame my absence on the holidays. We’re all still trying to get back into the routine of regular, every day life around here. Four of the kids were gone for about 10 days so adjusting to early morning wake up times, school, and homework is a process. I think after this week we should be fine. You’d think that with them being gone for that long I would have gotten a lot of blogging done but that’s not the case. I spent most of the last week or so planning and researching. I’m not quite ready to talk about the family goals Siobhan and I have set, when the time comes I will share those. After setting these goals we knew we needed to take action to make them happen. I saw something somewhere that read “a goal without action is just a dream.” I think that’s true. We’ve spent countless hours talking and planning so that we can work in the right direction and in doing so I realized that there were things I could be doing to contribute a little more.

Those of you who know me in “real” life probably know that in October I lost both of my jobs. I was working 2 telecommute jobs so that I could be home with the baby and within 2 weeks of being let go from one, I lost the second job as well. It has been a tough transition for our family of 7 but we’re managing. Part of the goals Siobhan and I have set for ourselves revolve around finances. We have plans to pay off all of our unnecessary monthly expenses within the next 6 months and accomplishing that will be a huge relief for us. In the mean time though, I’ve tried to get creative and come up with ways to bring in a little extra income while still being at home with Cullen.

2014 is bringing a lot of changes to our family and one of those is the face of our existing side business, Tantalizing Trends. We started Tantalizing Trends in 2011 as a children’s boutique but over time the traffic and sales fizzled. We didn’t have any business over the last year. I spent the week before New Year’s cleaning up our Etsy shop and Facebook page. I removed all of our old product and created new logo designs. I decided that 2014 is a new year bringing changes to our personal lives so why not bring change to our business. I began creating digital art to list in our Etsy store. I’ve invested countless hours over the course of the last week or so creating templates and designs. I’m pleased with the work I’ve got so far and I wanted to share it with you here.

There are several purchasing options available and the most popular is a digital download. I’ve formatted the artwork to be printed and when you decide to purchase a digital file, I’ll send a high resolution image and you can print it at home or the printing lab of your choice. Some people don’t want to worry about printing so I’ve given the option to have it printed for you. We offer 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 20×30 posters, as well as canvas in various sizes. I’m really excited about the new products we’re offering and I’m enjoying the challenge it presents me. Creating unique designs from scratch requires me to flex my brain and challenges me to use parts of my brain that don’t get used on a daily basis. It’s good for me.

So anyway, here are some samples and I’ve linked the Etsy shop as well as the Facebook page here for you to check it out, hope you enjoy! These are just a few of the many new things uploaded into the shop and the fan page.

Personalized Birth Stat Chalkboard Sign

Personalized Birth Stat Chalkboard Sign 

Personalized Chalkboard Birthday Invitation

Personalized Chalkboard Birthday Invitation

Home State Outline - City Love

Home State Outline – City Love

Personalized "Our Life Together" Tree

Personalized “Our Life Together” Tree

Personalized Monogram Wall Art

Personalized Monogram Wall Art

Important Date Subway Art - Love Story

Important Date Subway Art – Love Story