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Remember a few months ago when I posted this post about Cullen becoming a bionic baby with super powers at nap time? Well he is now almost 6 months old, in fact he will be 6 months old in 2 days, and this sleep fighting mode he gets into has only gotten worse. I saw this image on Pinterest and I thought, how fitting!



On television they make it look so sweet and peaceful. The mother is holding her adorable, sleeping child while rocking back and forth, such a serene moment. This, my friends, is a complete and utter lie! That shit doesn’t happen in real life, at least not in my house. Let me paint you a picture of sleep/nap time with Cullen, the super bionic octopus baby.

Now that Cullen is almost 6 months old, he stays awake for longer periods of time. His awake time is spent eating, playing, watching his shows, rolling in the floor, laughing, and babbling at his siblings. This lasts for about 2 hours. Once we pass that 2 hour mark, he becomes possessed by a whining, grumpy demon. His eyes turn red, he starts growling and wailing quite loudly. This is my sign; this is how I know it is time to put him to down for a nap. I do what any other loving mother does. I pick him up, hold him close, give him his pacifier, and sit down with him so that I can coax him to sleep. The simple motion of sitting down on the couch unleashes the second demon. The one that gives Cullen body convulsions. He begins to flutter kick both legs at full force, his back arches, head bends backwards, and he pushes with all of his strength against me with his arms to break free out of my arms.

This isn’t much different from what he started doing at 3 months old except that now he’s taken to gagging himself with his pacifier, crying while his eyes are actually closed, whimpering when he’s almost asleep, and randomly kickboxing whoever is holding him when he realizes that he’s almost given in to sleep. The swaddle strait jacket method is no longer effective because these anti sleep demons that possess him make him too strong, he breaks free of the blanket and the simple act of wrapping him sets him into a siren screaming frenzy. I’m constantly amazed that this tiny human is stronger than I am. After about 10-15 minutes of wrestling possessed sleepy Cullen, he gives in and falls asleep. Thankfully because after all that, I have bruises, dead arms, and a headache.

I think putting anti sleep demon possessed babies to sleep should be an Olympic sport. I could totally take home the gold medal. Speaking of the little monster, he’s awake! Until next time….